Sunday, 7 March 2010

Hangover !!!

Suffering a bit today, too much wine last night with friends whilst enjoying an indian take away.  Why do I do it, it seems like such a good idea at the time and then suddenly it hits you and you feel like poo !!!  Oh well, lots of water and paracetamols and maybe a snooze later to revitalise myself.

Barry, my hubby, is cooking a lovely Sunday roast, smells gorgeous as Im typing this.  Two puddings, Im on a diet, oh my god, how do I say no to such lovely food.  Day off from the diet I think.  Talking of diets its going really well and I have a party at the end of March which I would really like to loose more weight for as I want to look good !!!  Need to impress a few people.  Have to keep going but it is hard and rather boring sometimes and I love my food and wine.

Had a Lily Lemon house party on Friday night which was really successful and met some nice ladies.  I need a few more of these as it is good for advertising my brand.  So if you fancy having a few friends round your house one evening and enjoying a good chit chat with wine and nibbles whilst shopping with Lily Lemon, let me know !

Signing off now to eat my lovely dinner, yum yums !

Take care and see you soon.

Jane xxxxx