Thursday, 3 February 2011




and the OAP Dotty !

Wanted to share with you how much we love bunnies here at Lily Lemon.  We have two giant bunnies and one smaller bunny.  Out latest giant bunny is called Stanley and he is very large !  His back paws are the size of a small childs feet !  Our other large bunny is called Flo who we took on when the lady who was going to have her decided she couldn't afford to keep her so she came to us - and arn't we the lucky ones !  And finally the smaller of the bunch is Dotty, who I have to admit is the OAP of the bunch at nearly 7 years old.  He is showing signs of old age but still keeps going, I think having a young blonde as his companion (Flo) has helped to keep him young !

Unfortunately Stanley has to live apart from Dotty and Flo as they fight and fur and blood flying is not a pretty site.  We would love it if they could live together but alas for the moment it is not to be.  We are thinking of a female companion for Stanley but some people here need persuading on that issue as they do take a lot of cleaning out !

We have posted some photos too for you to enjoy, speak soon xx

Monday, 1 November 2010

Pip Studio

Absolutely loving the new Pip Studio goodies Lily Lemon now has for sale.  The items are gorgeous and so well made.  They include bags, ceramics, stationery, bedding, towels.  I look forward so much to the boxes being delivered and it is so exciting opening them and falling in love with each and every new item.  I am so lucky doing this job !!!  The only problem is I want to keep it all.

So far the products have proved very popular with some of my regular customers and I even had an order for a Pip Studio teapot from New Zealand !

Signing out now will be back soon.


Sunday, 7 March 2010

Hangover !!!

Suffering a bit today, too much wine last night with friends whilst enjoying an indian take away.  Why do I do it, it seems like such a good idea at the time and then suddenly it hits you and you feel like poo !!!  Oh well, lots of water and paracetamols and maybe a snooze later to revitalise myself.

Barry, my hubby, is cooking a lovely Sunday roast, smells gorgeous as Im typing this.  Two puddings, Im on a diet, oh my god, how do I say no to such lovely food.  Day off from the diet I think.  Talking of diets its going really well and I have a party at the end of March which I would really like to loose more weight for as I want to look good !!!  Need to impress a few people.  Have to keep going but it is hard and rather boring sometimes and I love my food and wine.

Had a Lily Lemon house party on Friday night which was really successful and met some nice ladies.  I need a few more of these as it is good for advertising my brand.  So if you fancy having a few friends round your house one evening and enjoying a good chit chat with wine and nibbles whilst shopping with Lily Lemon, let me know !

Signing off now to eat my lovely dinner, yum yums !

Take care and see you soon.

Jane xxxxx

Friday, 19 February 2010

Trade Fair

Well peeps, we had a great day at the Trade Fair in Birmingham and found some fab new suppliers.  It was a massive place and we just about walked our feet off, but worth it.  I found a great supplier who is new on the market called PIP STUDIO.  It is very similar to Cath Kidston and Greengate.  I am so excited about it as I think it is gorgeous and should be very popular.  I have placed an order but it won't be on the website for a few weeks yet.  The designer is from Denmark so the stuff has to travel some distance. Have put some pictures on this blog.

I was thinking about putting a video on You Tube showing these gorgeous new goodies - its just that I keep hearing about people who launch themselves via You tube and it seems to work wonders ?  What does anyone think?  Sounds a bit far fetched but Ill try anything that will help my business.

Looking forward now to the weekend, Friday night with friends and wine, Saturday night - has to be decided yet - otherwise jobs to do in house etc.

See you back here soon.


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

New to this Game !

Well here I am writing my first blog sitting at my kitchen table on a very cold morning, but at least the sun is shining.

Last year I set up a new webshop business called and so far it is going well but I really would love more sales.  I am advertising more this year but that works out to be very expensive and sometimes nothing can come of it  - very frustrating.  I really enjoy what I am doing and am very, very passionate about my products and my goals !  I am off to the Spring Trade Fair at Birmingham on Thursday and really looking forward to it, can't wait to see all the new exciting products on the market.  Just wish I had loads of money to buy in new stock - one day !

Anyway off to have a cup of tea now, will report back soon,

Was that ok for my first blog?

Jane x