Thursday, 3 February 2011




and the OAP Dotty !

Wanted to share with you how much we love bunnies here at Lily Lemon.  We have two giant bunnies and one smaller bunny.  Out latest giant bunny is called Stanley and he is very large !  His back paws are the size of a small childs feet !  Our other large bunny is called Flo who we took on when the lady who was going to have her decided she couldn't afford to keep her so she came to us - and arn't we the lucky ones !  And finally the smaller of the bunch is Dotty, who I have to admit is the OAP of the bunch at nearly 7 years old.  He is showing signs of old age but still keeps going, I think having a young blonde as his companion (Flo) has helped to keep him young !

Unfortunately Stanley has to live apart from Dotty and Flo as they fight and fur and blood flying is not a pretty site.  We would love it if they could live together but alas for the moment it is not to be.  We are thinking of a female companion for Stanley but some people here need persuading on that issue as they do take a lot of cleaning out !

We have posted some photos too for you to enjoy, speak soon xx

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